In my humble opinion...

The problem with advertising on the Internet

The consumer is talking...but is anybody listening?

Media-savvy consumers are demanding more and more control over the content they consume on the Internet.

Advertising can be content.
Consumers want relevant information.
Content can be relevant information.
Make the connection !

A quote by Howard Luck Gossage, an advertising legend, is more applicable today then ever before:

"The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."

A recent report by eMarketer states that online ad spending this year will reach $9.4 billion, up nearly 30 percent from a year ago. This figure is four times the annual growth of the overall U.S. ad industry, underscoring the Internet's rising influence.

The Internet is interactive by nature. At 7th Stream Marketing we have developed a proprietary, integrated process which engages consumers in "relevant" advertising. Our business method employs an interactive information tool called an Igram. The approach is neither complicated nor old-fashioned. It is, however, both new and novel.

Despite numerous paid search management programs offered by search engines and others, the question continues to be asked, "How to reach the consumer with just the right message?" The business method employed by us is decidedly different, yet delivered with unmatched efficiency and cost. Embracing our proprietary Igram technology allows advertisers to reach consumers on a level they have been requesting since the dawn of the Internet.

Possibilities exist to "permanently" capture a consumer's prime real estate -- their desktop -- providing a bridge to consumer's TVs or hand-held devices. Most importantly, it does not matter who owns "the browser", or the "search engine." Messages delivered through Igrams are a permanent Internet exposure at a fixed cost, which pretty much guarantees your ROI.

On November 15, 2004, the front page of Advertising Age printed an article
by Jack Neff stating:

P&G chief: We need new model -- now
Lafley seeks successor to mass marketing strategy

"We need to reinvent the way we market to consumers," said P&G Chairman-CEO A.G. Lafley. "We need a new model. It does not exist. No one else has one yet...."

On behalf of 7th Stream Marketing, we respectfully respond to Chairman Lafley's statement, "Give us a call."

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The problem with advertising on the Internet S. Dombrowski

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