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"There are only two ways to establish a competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently." - Karl Albrecht

A traditional digital agency, we are not. At 7th Stream Marketing we like to think that we do things better and differently. Why? We are creative conversationalists – aggregating and designing that which we find most engaging resulting in an information work product that is uniquely our own. We employ a thorough research and experiential pathway managing micro Web Slices which is reflective of our swift, simple style. Good content is in all of us – and our businesses. 7th Stream Marketing showcases your small business by packaging and distributing “your information” – online or offline.

“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” - Howard Luck Gossage

Small businesses are long-tail media companies. 7th Stream’s professionally produced content for individuals and companies enhances both content owner and content producer as a distributor of information and entertainment networks - we call this content a micro Web Slice.

Sylvia K. Dombrowski: Owner, Content Director
Sylvia is 7th Stream’s business strategist and project manager. A former legal administrator and business education teacher, Sylvia reads and researches – everything – and fine-tunes her efforts based on the current marketing and corporate climates. She is adept at collating mountains of data into marketing campaigns by personalizing content syndication that fuels micro Web Slices.

LisaJ. Eiler: Partner, Creative Director
Lisa is our Creative Director. She has a degree in fine arts and a portfolio that would rival any large corporate art department. Her skills extend into illustration, layout, print advertising, technical drawing, and brand / logo development. Lisa's adaptability to meet client's requests in conjunction with her extensive art background provides 7th Stream with the means to put any micro Web Slice campaign into action. (Art)

More About 7th Stream Marketing, LLC

7th Stream Marketing, LLC has a patent-pending for a new form of interactive marketing called “Igrams” (pro..eye grams). 7th Stream Marketing also owns Pizza and Pajamas LLC, and its trademarked name as a unique college gift pizza box and promotional company. Pizza and Pajamas offers a content delivery platform facilitating consumer discovery and product placement in a social community network. Pizza and Pajamas marries relevance to discovery – Share a Slice – of information, entertainment and communication. www.pizzaandpajamas.com

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Visit us: 336 Haddon Avenue, Haddon Township, New Jersey 08108
Contact us: webslices@7thStreamMarketing.com

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