In every business, information (R&D) is utilized to make products and services. Therefore all businesses have valuable information they can utilize to establish relationships with their markets.

People that make quilts and buy quilting supplies need information about quilting in order to learn about their field.

Somewhere out there, there is a person that knows everything there is to know about quilting. This person could supply a whole generation of future quilters with invaluable information about her process. Unfortunately, that person doesn't know about our Igrams. Sadly, that person may pass away taking much of her hard earned knowledge with her, leaving the world back at quilting square one.

Had that person known about Igrams she might have sat down and started creating a concise information product that was easily updateable with an infinite lifespan. This Igram would list high in the search engines and immediately create an enthusiastic following (vertical market) that advertisers would covet. Years of research on the subject matter would suddenly become available at the top of all search engines.

Now imagine Igrams like "Cancer", "Acid Reflux", "Texas Hold'em", etc. that would supply accurate information to eager audiences. Hours of search could now be condensed into one product with one human editor doing the research for millions. Search engines could easily index Igrams by "human" popularity rather than link popularity.

Setting up your Igram through 7th Stream
7th Stream is offering a process to individuals and corporations to develop solid vertical markets through the internet. The only requirement is the sharing of detailed knowledge and/or interaction with your potential audience. The more valuable, accurate and original your content the more success you will obtain.

Well positioned popular information or entertainment = A rapidly growing audience.

Contact us if you would like to immediately develop your vertical market.

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