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Interactive SEOs deliver conversions

There are SEOs and then there are Interactive SEOs. Which one is in your house?

SEO is a term given to an individual who "tweaks" websites so they will list high in the search engines. Tweaking a website to gain a high ranking and attention in the search engines is useless unless you understand marketing - and I mean - understand Internet marketing. An Interactive SEO goes way beyond first page placement.

Interactive SEOs are not doing PPC marketing, commonly referred to as SEM, (search engine marketing). Interactive SEOs are using creative intelligence along with a strategic understanding of the online marketplace and its niche audiences.

Interactive SEOs achieve first-page placement and sales in the free, organic listing of all the major search engines by initially developing a sales/conversion strategy, followed by a landing page optimization strategy, a link development strategy, and a measurement strategy - not merely "tweaking" a website or using Google's Adwords or Adsense to garner "attention." Attention is only useful if the information clicked on is what the user is searching for - otherwise - useless information and link redirect pages, a/k/a Adsense SPAM sites, is, in my opinion, just another kind of click fraud.

USA Today reports that Google's search business is growing and points out that the search-advertising market is expected to grow to $26 billion in 2010 from $17.4 billion this year. John Scott, who runs, an online forum for search marketers commented, "Google is … in essence, paying people to inundate the Web with literally billions of worthless pages." (link)

Interactive SEOs do not "tweak" websites for "attention." Interactive SEOs deliver first page placement and ensure landing pages are optimized for "conversions". There is a difference. A $$$$ difference. (link)


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Interactive SEOs deliver conversions

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