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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, sometimes referred to as NSO (natural search optimization), is the key process of making content rank high in the free (organic) search results in leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, in addition to other search engines. Research indicates that search requests appearing on the first page of organic search
results for competitive keyword/phrases have a HIGHER chance of being clicked on. Small businesses can have a difficult time of getting listed in the free first-page results due to lack of “how-to” knowledge and budget constraints related to sustaining an on-going presence in these page listings over a long period of time for measurable awareness. For many small businesses, landing on the first page of search results – for any keyword / phrase – is, quite frankly, a dream. Our small business marketing campaigns go to the very heart of this issue. 7th Stream’s micro Web Slices -- are the “second click” -- in the free organic listings of major search engines.

Niche Pizza – micro Web SlicesDelicious, Any Way You Slice It

Online customers, like pizza customers, are impatient. Pizza customers want what they want, when they order it, hot and delivered to their front door. Pizza, like SEO, is art. Why? Art is what is relevant to you –just like your favorite slice of pizza. 7th Stream designs micro Web Slices like art and makes each slice relevant to your customer and your business. The first bite of a slice of pizza is from the center of the pie. 7th Stream Marketing views this first bite as the beginning of “boxed conversation” – that is – the dialogue between your customer and your business. 7th Stream uses micro Web Slices to build on this first bite to create a niche pizza where all first bites exist together – the center – the richest, most delicious part of any niche pizza is your customer's voice - the center of the pie. Karl Albrecht wrote, in his 1992 book, “The Only Thing That Matters: Bringing the Power of the Customer into the Center of Your Business.”

Social Media – Share a Slice – micro Web Slices

Small businesses make up micro Web Slices, the livelihood for such companies like Microsoft, Comcast, Google, and Apple -- as described in Chris Anderson’s, “The Long Tail.” Marketing experts recognize that aggregating these small businesses creates powerful targetability – niche pizzas. The tipping point occurs when niche pizzas multiply and are shared. Pizza establishments, and ad networks, focusing on quality, not quantity, are often more successful in acquiring and retaining customers. Why? Their products and services are memorable - niche. I bet you know, by heart, exactly where to order/buy your favorite slice of pizza – online or offline.

The Secret Sauce

7th Stream Marketing, as digital authors and personal brand stewards for small businesses, has only one secret ingredient in its micro Web Slices: our fluid ability through knowledge and research to “communicate a good story.” Lifestyle and culture are important components of customers. A small business must take into account the customer’s home-turf to capture or engage a customer with its product or service. 7th Stream creates a story with your small business information and frames this content as a micro Web Slice. Our stories are the equivalent of a “two-page” magazine advertisement in a glossy publication.

Print Design

Offline drives online. How often have you heard someone say this phrase? Think about the TV news channels – “go to our website at ….. for additional information.

7th Stream Marketing includes a post card design with each of our micro Web Slices. Post cards are an effective, direct-response vehicle to generate awareness and exposure. Successful public relations campaigns can be built on post cards. Post cards are an offline visual search tool for customers to identify images with small businesses. Creative Director Lisa Eiler customizes each post card design for every small business client, defining the “sentiment” of companies through images.

Additional point-of-sale materials such as brochures, posters and packaging designs are also available at 7th Stream Marketing. Our company offers a new business promotion to those small businesses just setting up shop and in need of logo design, business cards, letterhead, envelops, and web design. See Services.

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