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The New PC – Pizza Coupons – FREE – on your Personalized Computer Screensaver

Pizza and Pajamas 3 pizza investment ideas for back-to-school marketing and advertising.

At 7th Stream Marketing, we believe you look at your computer screensaver much the same way you view a TV advertisement (on your TV “screensaver”) – but only -- when the content is relevant.  Free pizza coupons are always relevant, and especially so to college students living in dorm rooms. Could the new, game-changing 30-second ad business model “begin” with locally targeted pizza coupons on a free screensaver?   I believe Comcast thinks so.

Comcast recently purchased Chirp to add to its media publishing system (MPS) called The Platform.  Chirp’s assets involved technical development resources associated with screensavers – combining social networking with media consumption capabilities.  Facebook, for instance, is where college students live online.  Comcastcares.

Pizza may become much more than a cheesy way to start a two-way conversation.  I believe a digital appetite for change will begin will pizza.  Comcast, owning the intellectual property of Chirp, will now be able to use this technology as a source of revenue generation, not simply for computer screens, but TV screens, branded cordless phone screens, cell phone screens, etc.  Do a trash survey.  Pizza is universally relevant. Pizza offers an engaging opportunity, as a premium commodity, to build consumer and advertiser loyalty with customized content.

Is it cardboard, or is it content?  Is Comcast’s brand about cable, or the living room couch – opposite the big screen?  Blockbuster missed the convenience factor that Netflix seized upon.  What’s missing from Comcast’s customer experience?  Perhaps, it is as simple as a relationship with a group of its customers known as college students.   After all, every dorm room has a TV in it.   Ask any parent, who will begin packing up their son or daughter off to college in a few weeks, to verify this fact. 

Pizza has become the ultimate comfort food, alone in the dorm room or with a group of friends, watching your favorite sports event or on demand brand moment on TV, or a Fancast movie.  Comcast wants to Share a Slice, not only with college students and customers, but with its partners and advertisers like CitySearch, who also recently joined Facebook Connect in order to let users of its service (part of IAC and enjoy discovering and sharing “local content” within the “context” of their real identity and friendships on Facebook.

From Screensavers to Super Bowl – my next IMHO.  Everyone watches Superbowl on the CBS network – especially the ads. Superbowl Commercials. But, did you know that Super Bowl is also the biggest day for pizza delivery?  So says Dominos. Pizza Facts. Creative pizza partnerships offer advertisers a national brand with a local presence - just a phone call away. Marchex

Be bold, be daring, be first – to attach your brand to Pizza and Pajamas.  Pizza and Pajamas is an innovative company seeking to grow and expand its trademarked name and product – with your brand.  All strategic opportunities will be entertained by contacting - or 7th Stream Marketing, LLC - or calling us at 856.854.7078.

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