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My answer: COMCAST purchased – not Pizza Hut!

I believe Comcast purchased recently for $2.6 million – although the name transfer has yet to take place and be announced. Check out Google’s new “whois information for domains” from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land.

The cable industry wants a larger slice of the $70 billion TV advertising marketplace. will enable Comcast to deliver, not just TV advertising, but “addressable advertising” with personalization power and relevant brand messages to consumers and small businesses across its new architecture of Voice, Internet, TV and “Gary” as illustrated in a recent full-page WSJ print ad.

Is it cardboard or is it content? Content is intellectual property. Comcast’s triple play is all about its tier approach to bundling – small, medium and large.

The generic domain,, gives Comcast a “local landscape box.” Land gets developed. One only has to check out the real estate portfolio articles about to see where revenue-generating pizza partnerships are being created. is Comcast’s new circular ad network. The growth is in niche pizza advertising – the micro web slices that are part of this enormous, deliciously repetitive – huge pie. Pizza is one of the oldest social networks. Pizza is relationship marketing and personalization on a mass scale. Pizza, gets everybody’s attention and “engagement.”

Brian Roberts made a statement in Comcast’s Q4 earnings call:

“I also want to address our acquisition strategy head-on. We are committed to remain disciplined in our approach to acquisitions and we'll place every opportunity through rigorous financial and strategic [filters] to ensure that our investments yield attractive returns for our shareholders. To be clear, we are not spending any time on any of the large transformative acquisitions that have been speculating about, such as Yahoo or Sprint. Instead, we are very focused on running our business and executing our plans.”
Comcast acquisition strategy

Comcast does not need Yahoo. Comcast’s new portal is pizza. What do you think? Email us at or

I will be writing about why I believe Comcast purchased in future IMHO’s – commenting on Marchex, generic domain names, IAC City Search, yellow pages, Comcast’s thePlatform, Comcast’s new cordless phone, zip-code based websites, MSO’s Project Canoe, ad networks, vertical search, Google’s long tail analytics, A Slice of Heaven, by Ed Levine – and much, much more!

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